Lincolnshire 1868

Who lived where, and what did they do?

An absolute goldmine for the Family and Local Historian, This genealogical CD is packed full of information, plus advertising; comprising, a general survey of the County, and seperate historical, statistical and topographical descriptions of all the wapentakes, hundreds, sokes, boroughs, towns, ports, parishes, townships, chapelries, villages, hamlets, manors and unions, shewing their extent and population; trade and commerce; markets and fairs; charities and public institutions; churches and chapels; the annual value and the patrons and imcumbents of the benefices; the lords of the manors and owners of the soil and tithes; the addresses of the inhabitants; public conveyances, etc.; the seats of the nobility and gentry; magistrates and public officers, and a great variety of other archaeological, architectural, agricultural, biographical, botanical, geological and statistical information.

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