Lincolnshire 1909

This genealogical CD, in PDF format, has over 900 pages of information concerning the County, with the Wapentakes, Hundreds and Poor Law Unions, Lists of the Magistrates, and a sketch of the Geolgical features of the County, and the Places in it, alphabetically arranged, with the names of the Inhabitants, both Private Residents and those engaged in Commerce and Trade. Under each Parish the Parliamentary Division, the Wapentake, Union, and County Court District, the Archdeaconry, and Rural Deanery, and the College and University of every Beneficed Clergyman are given: as also the names of the Parish Clerks, and lists of the Farm Bailiffs of Gentlemen farming their own land.

The County Councils for the three Parts or Divisions, with the names and addresses of the Members are included.

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